Welcome to the world of Happy Cats

Learn all you need to know to make your cat happier than ever!

About this app

What is Happy Cats?

Happy Cats is a project of Anneleen Bru, a passionate cat behaviour counsellor, based in Belgium. It is her mission to make cats happier around the world by providing easy accessible, low-threshold, practical and scientifically based information about cat behaviour to cat owner who want to learn more about their cat's behaviour.

For who is this app?

This app is created for cat owners and cat professionals who'd like to learn more about cat behaviour, understanding and solving cat behaviour problems and making cats happier than ever, based on science.

What will you find here?

For people who like to read, you can find a free cat behaviour blog to read and two Happy Cats E-books in this app that you can download on your device. For people who like to watch and listen, you can find the Happy Cat Bootcamp Online Course here, 50 practical steps to change and optimise your cat's behaviour.

What you will get?

Get access to practical tips and tricks to understand, change and optimise your cat's behaviour and solve behaviour problems

You'll have all information right here in your app, you can download the video's to watch offline and you can watch them anytime, anywhere, as many times as you like.

Now you can enjoy our go-to proven and practical tips to change your cat's undesirable behaviour for once and for all!

Discover our programs and dive into the world of Happy Cats!

Catfluencer Challenge (free)

A free cat behaviour blog where you can find interesting information about your cat's behaviour. And if you find it interesting, we ask you to share it with your friends and fellow cat lovers! All you have to do is check 'Catfluencer Challenge Free' and click 'Get instant Access'. Register and press confirm and you can dive in!

Happy Cats Revolution Ebook ($19)

This is +400 page e-book with three chapters: the Cat Wheel, a model explaining to you why your cat does what she does and the reasons behind her behaviour. Second you'll find the Cat Matrix, a 50-step plan to change cat behaviour, either making your cats happier than they already are or solving undesirable behaviour. The last chapter of this book explains the most common behaviour problems, why they happen and what you should do to solve it.

Happy Cat Bootcamp ($39)

This is an online cat behaviour course that we are extremely proud of. More than 50 video's explaining in an easy and accessible way what you can do you understand your cat better, respond to her and how you can make her more confident, make her crazy about you, have less stress during the day and how to optimise the environment so she can be the best version she possible can. The content in this course are the same as the first two chapters in the Revolution Ebook.

Happy Cats All-In ($ 49 + bonus)

This is basically an all-in package deal where you get access to the Happy Cat Bootcamp Online Course, the Happy Cats Revolution E-book and you get a bonus: the Happy Cats Guide for a Happy Cat, which has been published in over 14 countries and sold over 25.000 world wide.

Happy Cat Bootcamp